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High Tech U Overview Graphic

SEMI High Tech U connects the next generation of innovators to the companies that desperately need them.  Students take part in a hands-on 3- or 2-day program to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in any career.  Sometimes hosted and underwritten by a local high-tech company, it also provides insights into on-the-job activities.  Participants learn:

  • apply appropriate technical skills and academic knowledge acquired through experience
  • communicate clearly, effectively, and with reason using their thoughts, ideas and action plans as content
  • utilize critical thinking skills to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
  • work productively in teams by positively contributing to every team as both leaders and members

HTU courses were initially designed as a 3-day high-school level activity.  It is currently being adapted to a hybrid education model with both in-person and virtual meetings.  SEMI is also creating a University-level HTU to be available soon.  Sign up below for updates on our programs.

High Tech U Combines 3 Different Activity Types

SEMI High Tech U

HTU is focused on not only learning, but experience and retention too. Activities are designed to be active, interactive and hands-on to ensure those goals are met.  The majority of the curriculum has the students actively participating with minimal instruction by the staff. 

Participants explore the math and science that make the semiconductor and microelectronics industries possible. For example, in the unit, Chemistry--Matter Matters, we build salt water circuits to explain the doping process used in wafer preparation.

Participants take on the role of project leads as they decide what information is most critical to solve the problem at hand.  In the exercise, Critical Thinking - Problem-Based Learning, we work in teams to build solar solutions for developing nations.

Knowing the options for post-secondary education is often one of the biggest hurdles in a student's school life.  We partner with local institutions to help demystify the search and set students up for success.

SEMI High Tech U

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Host a High Tech U!
The program is proven successful in over 11 countries with more than 257 programs delivered.

HTU Profile
“High Tech U was great in that it exposed me to the various areas of engineering. It helped me to understand what it is like to be an engineer and to pinpoint what it is that I really want to do for a living – and enjoy it!”
Tadeus Gunawan
Capex Engineering, Field Engineer. 2003 HTU Graduate

What you need to know:

  • There is no cost to attend. All supplies and food are provided. 
  • If HTU is held at the same time school is in session, the student needs prior approval from their teacher or school counselor to attend.
  • Industry volunteers teach HTU workshops. The student is expected to show a positive attitude, be a team player, and demonstrate an interest and aptitude for high-tech.
  • Students are expected to wear casual, workplace-appropriate clothing. Closed-toed shoes may be required for tech company tours.
  • Application information is kept confidential and is used for the HTU program only. We never share your information.

Please contact the SEMI Foundation for more information: 408.943.7860 or

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