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High Tech U in the Classroom

SEMI High Tech U in the Classroom introduces students to the often-invisible microelectronics industry and its crucial role in the modern world. Through the program, member companies sponsor branded STEM kits that enable teachers to provide hands-on learning experiences that raise student awareness of industry and career pathways.

High Tech U in the Classroom kits are versatile and can be used across various grade levels and content areas. They are also hands-on, cost-effective, and reusable across different student groups. A teacher with a class set of kits can reach up to 150 students in just one day!

We work with two kit partners:

- Introduces students to coding with sensors, buttons, and an LED array
- Demonstrates the relationship between hardware and software

- Teaches students the basics of circuits and electronics
- Can be integrated in various academic subjects and projects

Students using HTU Micro:bit kits

Lessons and Activities

High Tech U in the Classroom kits are accompanied with curriculum that introduces students to STEM skills while making clear connections to the microelectronics industry.

Teachers with HTU Micro:bit kits

Are you an educator?

Explore the free resources SEMI has created for teachers and educators

SEMI Members: Connect with Students and Educators, Grow Your Workforce!

Build your talent pipeline in the communities where your employees live and work. Implement High Tech U in the Classroom and connect local students and educators to your company and the industry.
Email us at to get started.

Student using High Tech U CircuitScribe kit

HTU live @SEMICON 2023

Watch as the SEMI Foundation hosted dozens of local K-12 students at SEMICON West 2023, connecting them with professionals from Advantest, Athinia, Edwards Vacuum, and TEL to learn about microelectronics industry opportunities. Students built an air pollution sensors with support from Sonoma Tech and the Climate Equity Collaborative and were received by Kylie Patterson, Senior Advisor for Opportunity & Inclusion from the CHIPS for America office.

“High Tech U was great in that it exposed me to the various areas of engineering. It helped me to understand what it is like to be an engineer and to pinpoint what it is that I really want to do for a living – and enjoy it!”
Tadeus Gunawan
Capex Engineering, Field Engineer. 2003 HTU Graduate