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SEMI Foundation Board of Trustees

The SEMI Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Trustees, including the current president and CEO of SEMI, the Chairman of the SEMI association’s Board of Directors. Other members include representatives of industry, higher education, and other community leaders.

Tony Blevins
Tony J. Blevins
Vice President of Procurement, Apple, Inc.
Katy Crist TEL
Katy Crist
Sr. Manager - Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, TEL
Kevin Crofton
Kevin Crofton
Chief Executive Officer, Comet Group
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis
Global Vice President of Advocacy, SEMI (Retired)
Dana Ditmore
Dana C. Ditmore
President, Oak Valley Consulting
Helen Grays-Jones
Helen Grays-Jones
Banking Executive / Community Partnerships, Meriwest Credit Union
Debbie Gustafson Photo
Debbie Gustafson
Chief Executive Officer, Energetiq Technology, Inc.
Art Zafiropoulo
Arthur W. Zafiropoulo
Principal, Ferrari of Silicon Valley

SEMI Foundation Officers

The SEMI Foundation Officers include the Executive Director, who leads the day-to-day activities of the Foundation, including fundraising and programmatic initiatives; the SEMI current President & CEO, and CFO of SEMI.

Shari Liss
Shari Liss
Executive Director, SEMI Foundation
Ajit Manocha
President & CEO, SEMI; President SEMI Foundation BOD
Kevin Bauer
Kevin Bauer

SEMI Foundation Staff

Patrick Gillen
Patrick Gillen
Apprenticeship Administrator
Jeana Harper-Kirkland
Jeana Harper-Kirkland
Program Navigator, SCAN Michigan
Jeanny Ho
Program Manager, WFD, Communications & Administration
Margaret Kindling
Margaret Kindling
Senior Program Manager for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Berton Mahardja
Senior Manager, Global Education Initiatives
Akanksha Singh
Senior Manager, Global Technology Training Initiatives
Rick VanIttersum
Rick VanIttersum II
Program Manager, SCAN Michigan
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams
Deputy Director