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About EHS

As a member-driven collaborative platform, SEMI actively facilitates industry-wide efforts to advance technology and policies that help promote health, safety, and sustainability in the microelectronics industry.

EHSS Working groups

Working Groups

Explore EHS working groups to see how members are collaborating to advance industry education and efforts around topics such as crisis response, regulations, sustainability, and safety standards.

EHSS Resources


A central repository for the latest articles, blogs, white papers, reports, and press releases - a one-stop location regarding the Environment, Health, & Safety Initiatives.

PFAS Explainer

This "PFAS Explainer" was developed by members of the SEMI PFAS Working Group and contains both general and semiconductor industry related information on the PFAS concern.

PIP and other Substances

SEMI collects and distributes information regularly on PIP and other TSCA Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Substances. (To stay even more current, join one of our Working Groups)

“We only have one Earth and we must take care of it, even while we advance our knowledge and technology. SEMI supports this important mission and I am proud to lead and contribute to the EHS activities through SEMI Japan. SEMI provides me a bigger voice and stronger actions.”
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Atsushi Horiba
Chairman & Group CEO, HORIBA

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Interested in being a part of the Environment, Health, Safety Community? Membership is free for companies who are already SEMI members.  

As a SEMI member, activation into the Environment, Health, Safety community is simple. Just complete this sign-up form, check off EHS and we will handle the rest.

  1. To join the EHS community, you first have to be a SEMI member. Learn more about SEMI membership and cost of membership. 
  2. Fill out our membership application.
  3. Contact your local SEMI office to speak to a representative from that region or email us with any questions at


SEMI presents this award in memory of Akira Inoue. Mr. Inoue was an impassioned and articulate advocate of environmental responsibility and truly believed that it must permeate our industry. He felt that environmental health and safety issues should be considered for the long term and that the current generation must not leave a tremendous bill to be paid in the future by our children and grandchildren.