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SEMI-FlexTech Members Only

Members of SEMI-FlexTech connect with each other, access flexible electronics information and find solutions to their questions through Connect@SEMI—the member-only community.

Teamwork Technology

Community Content Includes:

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SEMI-FlexTech Member News
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Industry Resources
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Job Openings
Networking Opportunities
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Proceedings from SEMI-FlexTech's Flexible Electronics Events
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Upcoming Events

SEMI-FlexTech Premier Members Content Includes:

Premier members of SEMI-FlexTech have their own communities for the Technical Council and Governing Council. Membership opportunities at this level can be discussed with SEMI-FlexTech leadership.

Meeting Minutes
Participation in Ongoing R&D Project Presentations
Request for Proposals Planning Discussions

Interested in SEMI-FlexTech Membership?

SEMI-FlexTech Flier
SEMI-FlexTech Membership Overview

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