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Continuity of Operations

Semiconductors are the foundation of all electronics and information technology (IT), enabling innovation and growth in countless other industries including medical devices and the IT solutions that allow for remote working and the connectivity critical to addressing the economic impacts of COVID-19. Semiconductor technology and applications also are critical to sustaining America’s physical infrastructure, national defense capabilities, and telecommunications and transportation systems. SEMI supports the guidelines established by the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) classifying workers across the semiconductor supply chain as essential to the effective operation of critical economic activity.  

Though the semiconductor supply chain generally continued operations as essential businesses throughout the most severe phases of global economic lockdowns, essential travel for technicians, engineers and executives has been hampered by strict travel protocols in countries with vital operations. As countries re-open their economies, it is critical that travel protocols between nations are harmonized for the movement of key personnel to ensure efficient global operations, the maintenance of critical business infrastructure and limited disruptions to international supply chains.

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