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MRSI Systems, a part of Mycronic Group, a leading manufacturer of fully automated, high-precision, high-speed die bonding, and epoxy dispensing systems, has been awarded the Silver Honoree for the Laser Focus World Innovators Award 2023 in the Manufacturing Equipment for Photonic Components category.

The award recognizes the MRSI-S-HVM submicron die bonder, an advanced die bonder based on MRSI’s field-proven high-speed HVM die bonder platform for high-volume manufacturing of integrated photonics that requires ultimate accuracy at the submicron level. The MRSI-S-HVM combines speed, flexibility, and precision for multiple die and process applications, such as wafer-level packaging for silicon photonics, chiplets, advanced sensors, co-packaged optics, and general 3D heterogeneous integration.

Laser Focus World’s Innovators Awards program celebrates innovative technologies and products in the photonics market. Submissions were judged on originality; innovation; as well as impact on users and market. Also considered is the entry’s use of new technologies.

Dr. Irving Wang, Director of Marketing, MRSI Systems, said, “We are honored to receive the Laser Focus World’s Annual Innovators Award again, which signifies that MRSI’s innovation capabilities continue to be recognized by industry experts. The trust placed upon us by customers and industry experts continues to inspire us to deliver cutting-edge innovations for the optoelectronics industry.”

For more information about MRSI Systems and the MRSI-S-HVM submicron die bonder, please visit or contact