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Market Intelligence Team

Who We Are

The SEMI Market Intelligence Team (MIT) provides market data and market research reports to serve members and customers in device manufacturing, semiconductor processing equipment, components, materials, semiconductor packaging materials, and related areas.

Our Mission

We deliver authoritative, accurate, relevant, and unbiased market data to our members, covering the semiconductor and related manufacturing supply chains. 

What We Do

For our major reports, we collect data from equipment and materials suppliers and device manufacturers around the world following strict professional standards of confidentiality. Our reports provide historical data, trends, and forecasts that are critical tools to help industry stakeholders make important business decisions.

For questions about SEMI market data research, related products, and SEMI data collection program, please contact us at


SEMI Market Intelligence Team


Clark Tseng, Director of Industry Research and Statistics, SEMI
Clark's major responsibility is to track and evaluate front-end fab investments in the Asia Pacific region. His research also spans LED, flat panel display and PV industries. His expertise includes in-depth analysis of industry dynamics, as well as the fundamentals of market forecasting, competitive analysis, and strategic planning. Prior to joining SEMI, Clark worked for Qimonda/Infineon as the manager at Strategy and Business Development division, where he managed market & competitive intelligence function in Asia/Pacific.Clark received a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from National Chengchi University in Taiwan. 



Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, Senior Principal Analyst, SEMI MIT                   
Chris has 30 years of industry experience. He earned an engineering degree in chemistry at the University of Applied Science in the German Alps. He began as an engineer for 1Mb DRAM  on 4- and 5-inch wafers at the new pilot line at Siemens in Munich, Germany in 1986 and for 4Mb DRAM at the new fab in Regensburg. In 1990 Chris moved to the US as one of the first members of the “Development Alliance Team” at IBM Fishkill, New York, where he was involved with the wafer transition to the world’s first 200mm fab and the development of the 64Mbit to 1Gbit memory chips; during this time he was author and co-author of multiple patents and author of various publications.

From 1996 to 1999 he held the positions of engineering manager and director of the world’s first 300mm beta line at International Sematech in Austin, Texas. In 1999, he became the quality assurance manager for Memory and Graphics chips for North America at Infineon in San Jose, California. Chris joined Strategic Marketing Associates in California as senior analyst and director of market research in 2001. Since 2007, he conducts worldwide fab database research and forecasts in the Industry Research and Statistics group at SEMI headquarters in San Jose, California. Chris has been a member of the VDI Germany (Association of German Engineers) and IEEE for over 20 years.



Inna Skvortsova, Market Analyst, SEMI MIT
Inna is responsible for SEMI’s industry-recognized market statistics data collection programs, which include equipment billings, semiconductor materials and adjacent market sectors. Data from the data collection programs are used to generate the following reports: North America Billings Report, Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Market Statistics (WWSEMS), Materials Market Data Statistics (MMDS), Mass Flow Controller, Electronic Gases, and Silicon shipments and revenue. Previously at SEMI, Inna managed the development of international standards for semiconductor and electronics supply chain focusing on equipment automation, supply chain traceability, and process chemicals. Prior to joining SEMI, Inna worked for semiconductor capital equipment company as a Sr. Business Analyst where she provided operational and market analysis of semiconductor and adjacent industries supporting business development and strategic planning initiatives. Inna holds a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Saint Petersburg State University, Russia and an MBA degree from Santa Clara University, USA.



Sungho Yoon, Senior Market Research Manager, SEMI MIT
Sungho comes to us with almost twenty years experience in the semiconductor industry. Sungho started his career as an R&D engineer at LG Siltron, currently known as SK Siltron, in 2000. He then moved onto various key positions in market research, marketing & sales within LG Siltron before joining the marketing team at Samsung SDI. More recently, he started his own business as a professional consultant in Korea for IT and market research projects relating to semiconductor and silicon wafer market. At SEMI, Sungho supports fab research and covers the semiconductor market in Korea. 


Chih-Wen Liu, Senior Manager, SEMI MIT

Chih-Wen Liu, Senior Manager, SEMI MIT

Semiconductor industry analysis, specialize in Foundry Market and technology research. MBA Financial Services and BE in Material Engineering. Experienced in Engineering, consultancy, research and analysis in Semiconductor industry for 8+ years, including project execution and lecture presentation.