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SEMI Semiconductor Cybersecurity Risk Rating Service

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SEMI Semiconductor Cyber Security Risk Rating Service is a ‘foundation for cybersecurity assessment’ inspired by the cybersecurity framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, covering common security practices to serve as a standard template that familiarizes the semiconductor ecosystem with security maturity assessment and benchmarking, so as to create a unique competitive edge for your business!

  • Quantitative Risk Scores and Peer Comparison
  • Comprehensive Risk Ratings and SEMI Cyber Security Assessment - Introductory
  • Suggestions for Risk Enhancement and Immediate Review on Improvement Results
  • Continuous Risk Ratings to Keep You Updated with Changes in Enterprise Risk Index
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SEMI Semiconductor Cybersecurity Resources

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Semiconductor Cybersecurity Committee

The committee's purpose is to share experiences and strategies to improve the overall security of suppliers and industry supply chains, build a resilient supply chain, and simultaneously promote the industry to raise cyber security awareness and understand its importance.


SEMI Standards

SEMI E187 & SEMI E188

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SEMI Taiwan Semiconductor Cybersecurity Newsletter

The Newsletter will select quarterly industry news, SEMI news, and upcoming activities to share so that you can grasp the industry information trends!

SEMI E187 - Specification for Cybersecurity of Fab Equipment

SEMI E187 - Specification for Cybersecurity of Fab Equipment (SEMI E187) was born under the leadership of SEMI semiconductor cybersecurity working group co-leader Professor Xie Xuping of National Yangming Jiaotong University, manager of TSMC Zhang Qihuang, and executive director of Ruikong Network Security Liu Rongtai, and all members jointly edited it.

Its content points out that based on the OT zero-trust security strategy, how the industry can protect the equipment from the period of onboarding, staging, production, and maintenance, and provide enterprises with the guidance to implement the SEMI E187 semiconductor equipment information security standard specification A practical approach while establishing a high-productivity and efficient information security defense strategy, it also meets compliance requirements.

The SEMI E187 Checklist was created under the leadership of SEMI Taiwan Cybersecurity Coomittee Working Group 1 leaders, Dr. Ares Cho, Division Director, Information and Communication Research Laboratory, ITRI and Mr. Leon Chang, Department Manager of IT Security Program, TSMC along with all its members. It provides verification and assistance in evaluating compliance with the SEMI E187 specification according to the provisions of E187. It serves as a basis for assessing compliance when implementing the SEMI E187 Semiconductor Equipment Security Standard within an enterprise.

Click to download SEMI E187 CHECKLIST



Find more about SEMI Semiconductor Cybersecurity, please contact SEMI Taiwan:

Ms. Helen Chen

TEL:+886.3.560.1777 #112