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SEMI Korea 2023: Rich Set of Workforce Programs Cultivates Talent for Domestic Chipmakers

To help players across Korea’s semiconductor ecosystem prepare talent for careers in the industry, SEMI Korea, through its Workforce Development Council, offers nearly 20 programs each year to improve the skills of not only college students but also junior engineers.

SEMI Korea: Economy, COVID-19, Industry Investments, Government and University Initiatives, Talent, Events and Members Day

SEMI Korea provides the latest updates on the economy, COVID-19, semiconductor industry Investments, government and university Initiatives, workforce development, SEMI events and SEMI Members Day.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Key to Strengthening Chip Industry Events

The chip industry loves its events. Many industry gatherings suffer from a particular challenge, one that confronts the microelectronics industry as a whole and undermines its ability to fully thrive: a lack of diversity.

SEMI Korea Workforce Development Updates: High-Impact Programs Connect Chip Supply Chain with Talent

SEMI Korea’s efforts to recruit talent and increase diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) to help meet the semiconductor industry’s current and future workforce needs are growing in importance as the industry presses ahead to recruit skilled workers.

Survival of the Fittest: SEMICON West Points to Darwinian Moment in Evolution of Chip Supply Ecosystem

The microelectronics industry works to make the most of the current boom and to manage crises and opportunities around the chip and talent shortage, data explosion, compliance requirements, digital innovation, environmental sustainability, remote work, and other pressing issues.

Deploying Artificial Intelligence at the Edge: Key Takeaways from SEMI CTO Forum

Today, AI algorithms are primarily run at large data centers-- in the cloud. For this intelligence to be used at the edge, data must be transmitted to the cloud, analyzed there, and the results transmitted back to the field of operation, such as a mobile phone, medical implant or autonomous vehicle.

Webinar: Join Discussion on SEMI’s Roadmap to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Semiconductor Industry

“As a global organization that supports the health and vitality of thousands of member companies, SEMI is committed to helping the semiconductor industry strengthen its workforce through embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion,” said Bettina Weiss, Chief of Staff and Corporate Strategy at SEMI.