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New SEMI Supply Chain Management Initiative Working Groups Zero in on Resiliency and Agility to Support Chip Industry Growth

To strengthen continuity across the entire value chain and support semiconductor industry growth, SEMI launched the Supply Chain Management Initiative in early 2023 and has established an Industry Advisory Council that includes industry leaders and strategic partners such as Genpact and Resilinc.

Boosting Electronics Supply Chain Agility With Digital Twins

Digital twin technology enables supply chain managers to create a virtual model of their operations, allowing them to simulate various scenarios and optimize their processes, leading to improved efficiency, resilience, and cost savings.

Survival of the Fittest: SEMICON West Points to Darwinian Moment in Evolution of Chip Supply Ecosystem

The microelectronics industry works to make the most of the current boom and to manage crises and opportunities around the chip and talent shortage, data explosion, compliance requirements, digital innovation, environmental sustainability, remote work, and other pressing issues.

Deploying Artificial Intelligence at the Edge: Key Takeaways from SEMI CTO Forum

Today, AI algorithms are primarily run at large data centers-- in the cloud. For this intelligence to be used at the edge, data must be transmitted to the cloud, analyzed there, and the results transmitted back to the field of operation, such as a mobile phone, medical implant or autonomous vehicle.