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SEMI Foundation’s commitment to education and career awareness in high-tech fields now extends beyond formal education and into the workplace through our mentoring program.

By matching mentees with industry leaders and professionals, SEMI Foundation facilitates one-on-one mentoring relationships that benefit all participants.

Whether you are a recent university graduate or growing in your microelectronics career and looking for support, participating in the SEMI Mentoring Program will put you on the right track.

What is SEMI Mentoring?

SEMI Mentoring is a free online, on-demand flash mentoring program that connects you to current industry professionals. As a program of the SEMI Foundation, participating mentors are all part of the largest global semiconductor industry association.


What is flash mentoring?

One-time or flash mentoring allows mentors and mentees to schedule meetings on a one-off basis to discuss specific topics. Flash mentoring allows students to meet multiple mentors for short periods of time (30 minutes or less), enabling students to broaden their network and access a broader range of mentors. Mentees and mentors complete matching questionnaires that connect users with common interests and objectives. Scheduling and topics are driven by the mentee, ensuring the conversations always address student needs.

Flash mentoring



As a mentor, your role is to encourage and support your mentee and contribute to their professional and personal development. But you’ll also:
- ADVANCE your leadership skills
- GROW your network
- RAISE the visibility of the industry and your company
- DEVELOP future industry professionals


As a mentee, you will receive guidance and advice on furthering your career and success. You can expect to gain the skills and confidence necessary to excel. Being a mentee allows you to:
- EXPLORE various careers in microelectronics
- LEARN from a variety of industry professionals
- EXPAND your professional network
- BUILD your future career path