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Download CircuitScribe and Micro:bit lesson plans for High Tech U kits


Teacher-Developed Curriculum Available

In partnership with Foothill College, Ignited Education, and the Krause Center for Innovation, classroom teachers developed the following curricula for a range of grade levels and a variety of topics impacted by the microelectronics industry. This content is free of charge to any teacher who wishes to download and use it. Sign up to receive the lesson plans and be updated whenever new content is added.

This project was enabled through funding from the Strong Workforce Program Grant and the California Apprenticeship Initiative. The resources can also be accessed through Ignited's semiconductor resources page.

Sample Semiconductor Lesson Plan

Sample pages from the "What are Semiconductors" Lesson

Each Lesson includes a full lesson plan of varying lengths and depths, fully customizable by the instructor.  The plan includes sources, links to custom videos, ideas and tools for student engagement, exploration, evaluations and ideas on extending the exercises for students - even those who wish to be self-paced. Suitable for instructors with a wide range of familiarity with semiconductors and electronics.

Click here to register and download all of the lessons! 

Lessons Available Include:

  • Sustainability & Renewable Energy - Gr. 2-5
  • Gone with the Wind: Building a Sail Car - Gr 2-5
  • LEGO Build Some Microchips! - Gr 6-8
  • Automation for the People - Gr 6-8
  • Think Fast! Comparing Human Reactions With Computers - Gr 9-12
  • Automating our Lives - Gr 9-12
  • Biomimics Aren't Gimmicks - Gr 9-12
  • What are Semiconductors? - Gr 9-12
  • Robot vs. Cancer - Gr 9-12
  • Let's Go Solar! - Gr 9-12
  • Transition to Electric Cars - Gr 9-12

Explore Our Skills Matrix

SEMI has established a competency model for skills most required for advanced electronics manufacturing. Review it here to ensure your curriculum includes the skills needed. Check out the competency model!

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