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What Do Small Companies Need to Know About the CHIPS Act?

Companies of all sizes—not just industry juggernauts—are vital to the long-term health and well-being of that ecosystem. We hope you’ll stake your claim when the time comes. We all stand to benefit if you do.

Not All COVID-19 Tests Are Created Equal – New Biosensors to Improve Speed and Connectivity

While the world awaits a working vaccine to protect us from COVID-19, we need to employ all available tools to help curb the spread of this novel virus. On the one hand, it’s remarkable that we’re relying on the same low-tech tools that our forebears used to moderate the pandemic of 1918 — social...

Specialize, Partner or Perish: Embrace Foundry Evolution for BioMEMS

The BioMEMS market is becoming increasingly diverse, encompassing gas and pressure sensors, ultrasound, specialized biomedical sensors, and other types of MEMS and microfluidic chips used for drug delivery and analytical applications. The BioMEMS market is also growing steadily: Research firm Yole...

Evolving STEM Education for an Electronics Industry Workforce

With one of the oldest and largest public education systems in the developed world, how well does the US public education system serve the global electronics industry? Public education in the US has had time on its side. In 1635 the Boston Latin School became the first public school in the US....