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CHIPS Program Office Releases Additional Funding Application Guidance

The CHIPS Program Office (CPO) yesterday released materials to provide additional guidance for CHIPS funding applicants.

U.S. Commerce and Treasury Departments Issue Rules on Uses of CHIPS and Science Act Funding to Protect National Security

The U.S. Departments of Commerce and Treasury today published separate but aligned rules in the Federal Register to guide the implementation of the CHIPS and Science Act to ensure that adversaries of the U.S. and its allies do not use technology funded by the act for deleterious purposes.

U.S. Commerce Department Opens Application Process for CHIPS Act Funding

The U.S. Department of Commerce on February 28 opened the application process through the CHIPS Program Office for the initial tranche of funding under the $52 billion CHIPS Program – marking the first opportunity for SEMI members and other companies in the U.S. semiconductor supply chain to apply.

New Congressional Committee Appointments to Help Shape Future of Chip Industry

Party control of the House and Senate during the 118th Congress, and the divergent policy agendas of each chamber, are operationalized through Committees. Following is an analysis of the leadership of Committees relevant to SEMI.

SEMI Focus on Public Policy

The pursuit of a level playing field for SEMI member companies is a central focus across our regions – allowing competition based on ingenuity in open, global markets. This is the most effective means to optimize the advancement of both the semiconductor industry and the technology it enables.