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March 28, 2023

CHIPS Program Office Releases Additional Funding Application Guidance

The CHIPS Program Office (CPO) yesterday released the following materials to provide additional guidance for CHIPS Act funding applicants.

  • Pre-Application – The pre-application is optional but strongly recommended because it will enable the CPO to start a dialogue with applicants and provide feedback prior to the submission of full applications. Leading-edge project applicants may submit pre-applications starting March 31, while current-generation, mature-node, and back-end applicants may do so starting May 1. Pre-application materials include the following:
  • Workforce Development – Applications must include a workforce development plan aligned with the Biden Administration’s Good Jobs Principles for recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining a diverse and skilled manufacturing and construction workforce. The plan must include provisions to proactively include women and economically disadvantaged individuals and to engage with community partners, including leading labor unions, other workforce development organizations, and educational institutions. The plan must also provide for access to affordable, accessible, reliable, and high-quality childcare for facility and construction workers. The CHIPS Program Office has released a Workforce Development Planning Guide as a resource for NOFO applicants.

The CHIPS Program Office also has announced a series of webinars in which prospective applicants will be able to ask CPO officials questions about the topics outlined above.

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John Cooney is Vice President of Global Advocacy and Public Policy at SEMI.