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March 28, 2024

SEMI University 1-Year Anniversary: More Learning Opportunities, Greater Reach

Today, as SEMI University (SEMI U) celebrates its one-year anniversary, learners can now access over 575 courses in multiple languages and engage with an expanding learning community of over 3,300 learners in over 55 countries, with all courses developed or instructed by industry experts. 

All told, 75 of courses in Japanese, 90 in Chinese, and 23 in Korean have been added to the platform.


SEMI U Shines at SEMICONs Around the Globe

For the first time ever, SEMI U engaged with industry professionals at SEMICONs around the globe. If you were at SEMICON West, SEMICON Taiwan, SEMICON Europa, or SEMICON Japan, you might have stopped by our booth, joined us for a coffee chat, or received a free university apparel. 

In total, 1,000+ attendees interacted with the SEMI U booth as more semiconductor industry professionals seek out new ways to grow their skills and careers.

What SEMI U learners have to say

  • "I like the explanation of new technologies in the SEMI University courses. It enriched my understanding of the semiconductor industry and let me arrange my study at any time.” - Yang Yan, Marketing Analyst, Edwards Vacuum
  • “SEMI University provides more flexible and versatile ways of learning with a wide variety of courses by professional lecturers. It’s a great online learning system for people in the semiconductor industry.” - Eric Huang, General
  • For the curious: “This overview provides an enormous depth and breadth of hard-earned, no-nonsense semiconductor wisdom.”
    • For the ambitious: “This coursework is indispensable in strategizing and navigating a diverse mix of ever-changing situations.”
    • For the overwhelmed: “This wonderful compendium fosters peace mind within the somewhat puzzling semiconductor realm.”
    • For the futurist: “This learning path enables one to up-level expertise in specialized ways valuable to our semi community.” - Patrick Parker, DevOps, Engineer, KLA



Expanded Curriculum

Earlier in the year 2023, the SEMI U catalog expanded to include courses from content partner UL Solutions.  These courses are recommended if you’re in need of to expanding your knowledge on workplace safety or if you work in a fabrication factory.

UL’s most popular bundles include the following:

SEMI U also partnered with a semiconductor education leader Semitracks. The Semitracks Subscription gives you all-inclusive access to 27 technical courses for one year. This was by far our most sold learning offering, and we hope it continues to be in 2024!

Throughout the year, courses related to our SEMI FlexTech communities and Standards were developed. The courses include:



Are you in need of increasing your awareness of the silicon chip industry – everything from the basics to the industry’s history and evolution, as well as manufacturing processes or understanding the market landscape? The Silicon Chip Industry Awareness Training is a six course curriculum with you in mind.with you in mind.

Intended for both technical and non-technical audiences. These courses are now available to purchase as an entire curriculum or as individual courses:

Certifications on the Horizon

With SEMI U playing a critical growing role in reducing the semiconductor industry skills gap, the platform has started to add certifications to its learning offerings. These certifications help demonstrate your knowledge of Integrated Circuit Packaging and Semiconductor Technical skills.

The newest addition to our catalog is the first and second course of a soon to be offered certification: Introduction to IC Packaging and PCB, Board Assembly and Its Soldering. These courses will set the foundation for the beginner level IC Packaging program, scheduled to launch later this year.



In-Person Trainings at SEMI HQ

This Spring, SEMI U will host in-person training sessions. These trainings will be held at our headquarters office in Milpitas, CA

In-Person Trainings at SEMICON West

For the first time, you can choose to attend an in-person training the day before SEMICON West. These trainings are hosted by SEMI U. Happening in San Francisco, CA on July 8th. More information will be available soon.

In Conclusion

Explore SEMI University's courses today to grow your chip industry skills and careers. Stay updated on our latest offerings by subscribing to the SEMI University newsletter. All told, 75 of courses in Japanese, 90 in Chinese, and 23 in Korean have been added to the platform.

Naresh Naik is Director of SEMI University.