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January 23, 2023

Podcast: Tracking the Chip Manufacturing Market at SEMI ISS 2023

Operating a successful business in the global semiconductor industry requires navigation of a wide range of market, technology, supply chain and geopolitical trends. To help member companies set their course for 2023, SEMI recently shared insights from its Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) and Semiconductor Manufacturing Monitor report during a podcast with 3D InCites.

The SEMI Market Intelligence Team (MIT) partners with market analyst firm TechInsights to produce the Semiconductor Manufacturing Monitor report, which covers the market spanning from capital equipment and fab capacity to semiconductor and electronics sales. SEMI MIT market research analyst Inna Skvortsova and SEMI director of product marketing David Ghodsizadeh joined TechInsights director of market research Risto Puhakka and 3D InCites market analyst Dean Freeman at ISS 2023 in Half Moon Bay, California on January 10 to discuss key takeaways from the presentations and the Semiconductor Manufacturing Monitor.

The participants highlighted the strong consensus in ISS presentations on the expected semiconductor market decline in 2023 along with the wide variations in projections for a rebound in 2024. On the Semiconductor Manufacturing Monitor, Skvortsova and Puhakka discussed the array of data offered in the report and how the data is gathered, while Ghodsizadeh shared an overview of how the reports diverse customer base uses the breadth of information provided to help guide their business decisions. 

The Semiconductor Manufacturing Monitor includes two years of quarterly data and a one-quarter outlook for the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain, including leading IDM, fabless, foundry, OSAT and equipment companies. The report also highlights current statistics and a recent forecast on the capital equipment market as well as other industry indicators. SEMI and TechInsights will share the next update to the report in February 2023. A report sample is available upon request.




This episode touches on coverage of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment market, which SEMI MIT has projected to contract in 2023 before rebounding in 2024 driven by both the front-end and back-end segments. Skvortsova presented the SEMI Year-End Total Semiconductor Equipment Forecast – OEM Perspective at SEMICON Japan 2022 on December 13, sharing that the wafer fab equipment segment, which includes wafer processing, fab facilities, and mask/reticle equipment, is projected to expand to a new industry record in 2022 followed by a contraction in 2023 billion before rebounding in 2024.


Source: SEMI December 2022, Equipment Market Data Subscription

The podcast is the third in a series providing semiconductor manufacturing updates across the wafer fab; equipment; materials; and assembly, packaging and test markets to help semiconductor companies and other key industry stakeholders with their day-to-day business decisions. The previous MIT podcast episode focused on the record-breaking wafer fab investments in motion that are tracked in the SEMI World Fab Forecast.

Skvortsova and Puhakka will both present updates on the semiconductor manufacturing market outlook at the Market Trends Forum at SEMICON Korea 2023 at COEX in Seoul on February 1.

For more information about semiconductor manufacturing market trends and related reports, please see SEMI Market Reports. To subscribe, contact

Samer Bahou is director of Marketing Communications at SEMI.