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Smart Mobility Working Groups

SEMI Smart Mobility initiative has a global reach with working groups in different regions. These groups allow stakeholders along the automotive and microelectronics supply chains to discuss matters of common interest, collaborate on specific challenges, and align regional priorities.

We invite you to join these groups to collaborate with industry members and advance the development of automotive electronic systems, including semiconductors, MEMS, sensors, imaging systems, displays, and other solutions.

Reliability of Advanced Node Devices in Automotive


A working group forming in early 2021 to address the situation that many of today’s automotive systems (ADAS, infotainment...) have computational requirements demanding devices fabricated at the most advanced process nodes. These new design nodes are extremely complex to manufacture, relatively immature by historical standards, and bring undesirable risk to the car design in terms of service costs, the potential for recall or liability, and damage to the brand’s quality reputation. The working group aims to accelerate the maturity process to improve the reliability of these devices in a compressed time frame across the supply chain. As a credible, global voice already engaged with advanced design-rule fabs and their suppliers, SEMI's Global Automotive Advisory Council is uniquely positioned to lead such an initiative.

If you're interested in learning more about this group, please email Paul Trio at