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SEMI Startups for Sustainability Initiative Kicks Off Year 2 with Focus on Emissions, Energy and Circularity Technologies

After launching Startups for Sustainability last year to help spur more green technology innovation, SEMI again invites all startups, academics, and innovators with compelling ideas for advancing semiconductor industry sustainability to apply to participate.

Sweeping AI and Cybersecurity Laws Risk Disruptions to European Union Businesses

The SEMI European Machinery Directive Working Group, which consists of volunteers from SEMI member companies, is compiling member feedback on the Cyber Resilience Act legislation to ensure that the industry’s perspective is understood by EU legislators.

State of Maine PFAS Reporting Law – Process to Request 6-Month Deadline Extension

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is authorized to extend the notification deadline by six months if it determines manufacturers need more time to comply. Companies can request to be added to the Maine Department of Commerce's letter requesting the extension.

SEMI Invites Industry Stakeholders to Join New Semiconductor Climate Consortium as Founding Members

SEMI welcomes members to join the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC), a new effort to heighten collaboration and transparency in order to reduce chip industry greenhouse gas emissions.  Companies that commit to membership by October 21, 2022 will receive Founding Member designation.

SEMI Invites Participation in New Climate Consortium

SEMI formed the Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC), introduced at the Sustainability Summit at SEMICON West 2022 Hybrid in July. The group consists of more than 35 semiconductor industry companies that are collaborating to organize a net zero strategy to decarbonize in the industry.

Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability Finalists Announced in Next Step to Greener Chip Industry

In 2021, SEMI member companies joined forces to partner with the world’s top startups to bring new sustainability technologies to semiconductor operations. The initiative, called Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability, covers three areas: Energy efficiency, water technologies, & material usage.

Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability – Semifinalists Announced at SEMICON West 2021 Hybrid

SEMI member companies joined forces to seek out and partner with the world’s top startups to bring new sustainability technologies to semiconductor operations. The initiative- Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability- covers three areas: Energy efficiency, water technologies, & materials usage.

Big Chip Industry Players to Team with Startups to Advance Semiconductor Manufacturing Sustainability

The semiconductor industry – recognizing its own fabs can do much more to reduce their carbon footprint – is in a position to help turn the tide on rising temperatures worldwide and more chip companies are launching sustainability initiatives to contribute to the cause.