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CHIPS Research and Development Standards Summit to Launch Effort to Speed Chip Innovation

The inaugural CHIPS Research and Development (R&D) Standards Summit will bring together thought leaders from industry and academia across the globe to help shape the future and drive innovation of semiconductor and microelectronics standards.

SCIS Seals & Valves Group Develops Seals Testing Standard

SCIS is a SEMI Technology Community that tackles critical component defectivity for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The organization develops test methods for measuring defects in these critical components. Originally, this SEMI community was looking at challenges surrounding sub-10nm...

Revising SEMI-E135 to Improve Testing Standards for RF Generators

Gas plasmas have become a fundamental building block in many semiconductor manufacturing processes. Plasma torches used to create these gas plasmas have three components: an induction coil, a plasma confinement tube, and a gas distributor or torch head that introduces multiple gases into the torch....

Improving Test Data Communication Focus of SEMI Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test SIG

A Communication ProblemAs the industry ventures towards a more connected world, the semiconductor test community is facing increasingly stringent performance, quality and reliability targets, particularly in the high-stakes automotive, communications, and medical sectors. It is, therefore,...