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SEMI Korea 2023: Rich Set of Workforce Programs Cultivates Talent for Domestic Chipmakers

To help players across Korea’s semiconductor ecosystem prepare talent for careers in the industry, SEMI Korea, through its Workforce Development Council, offers nearly 20 programs each year to improve the skills of not only college students but also junior engineers.

Join SEMI Foundation’s New Flash Mentoring Program to Help Grow and Diversify Chip Industry STEM Pipeline

The SEMI Foundation’s new flash mentoring program will scale SEMI Mentoring’s reach and drive authentic, organic connections between college students and professionals at SEMI member companies.

SEMI Korea Workforce Development Updates: High-Impact Programs Connect Chip Supply Chain with Talent

SEMI Korea’s efforts to recruit talent and increase diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) to help meet the semiconductor industry’s current and future workforce needs are growing in importance as the industry presses ahead to recruit skilled workers.

SEMICON West 2022 Hybrid – Workforce Development Pavilion Highlights

The Workforce Development Pavilion (WFD) returned to SEMICON West 2022 Hybrid with three days of programming and activities to address workforce development challenges and share opportunities for job seekers, students, recent graduates, talent recruiters and human resources professionals.

Girls in STEM to Women in Leadership

The theme of the 6th annual Women in Semiconductors (WiS) program, held in conjunction with ASMC 2022, was inclusion, mentorship, and networking. The presentations at this year’s program were authentic and personal, prompting honest dialogue and responses from attendees.

A Year of Transformation and Execution - Focus on Creating Member Value

Last year the industry posted another remarkable double-digit revenue growth year. IC shipments eclipsed one trillion units for the first time and continued to enable an ever-expanding array of silicon intensive-applications.2018 was also a pivotal year of transformation at SEMI. Setting our sights...

New SEMI Mentoring Program Aims to Prepare Next Generation of Innovators

SEMI has launched a mentoring program that pairs seasoned industry professionals with university students and professionals wanting to advance their careers. The program is designed to help tackle the semiconductor industry’s workforce shortfall and prepare the next generation of innovators. Under...