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SEMI Works With Taiwan Semiconductor Ecosystem to Address 4 Key Industry Growth Challenges

SEMI continues to establish new programs to address these four critical industry issues in Taiwan and support worldwide semiconductor industry growth and innovation.

CHIPS Program Office Releases Additional Funding Application Guidance

The CHIPS Program Office (CPO) yesterday released materials to provide additional guidance for CHIPS funding applicants.

U.S. Commerce Department Opens Application Process for CHIPS Act Funding

The U.S. Department of Commerce on February 28 opened the application process through the CHIPS Program Office for the initial tranche of funding under the $52 billion CHIPS Program – marking the first opportunity for SEMI members and other companies in the U.S. semiconductor supply chain to apply.

Work Remains for Congress to Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Supply Chain as SEMI Continues Engagement with Policymakers

Autumn promises to be a busy season of policy developments on a host of issues that could significantly help – or harm – the chip industry in the United States.

SEMI Commends Biden Administration’s Efforts to Strengthen Semiconductor Supply Chains

On June 8, the White House released its report directed under the February 24 Executive Order 14017 to secure America’s supply chains. Among those critical products, the Department of Commerce conducted the review of semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging.

Washington Takes Key Steps to Bolster U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Recent semiconductor supply chain constraints have drawn the attention of Washington policymakers at every level. Exasperated by the global pandemic, customers of semiconductor manufacturers have sounded the alarm about the chip shortage and the downstream consequences for end-user companies and...

SEMI Urges U.S. Department of Commerce to Seek Comments on Recent Export Control Regulations

As the Biden administration begins to advance its policy goals through U.S. government agencies, SEMI is eager to work with these new officials and appointees to advance innovation and strengthen U.S. leadership in the microelectronics industry. SEMI President and CEO Ajit Manocha today sent a...

SEMI Urges Safeguards for U.S. Exports and Innovation Regarding Foundational Technologies

As the United States government has expanded semiconductor-related export controls, companies in the global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain have had to spend considerable time and effort navigating restrictions and managing significant new uncertainties emanating from recent...

SEMI Applauds House and Senate Support of Incentives to Grow U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing

SEMI President and CEO Ajit Manocha has voiced his support for amendments the United States House of Representatives and Senate included in the Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would authorize important programs to support semiconductor manufacturing and research in...

SEMI Urges Global Standards for Essential Business Travel

On Monday, SEMI led a statement from a coalition of industry groups calling on governments worldwide to harmonize their policies to safely allow essential international travel by essential workers. Cross-border mobility in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry is vital to maintaining...