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Speeding the Path to Industry Standardization with Accellera

Accellera Systems Initiative is a standards organization well-regarded by the EDA ecosystem that’s also served by the ESD Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community. Lu Dai, Senior Director of Technical Standards at Qualcomm, has chaired the Accellera Board of Directors since 2017.

Industry Expert Q&A –The Key to Chip Security: Trust and Verify! But How?

Even though microchips continue to get smarter, vital security gaps continue to be exposed through such hack attacks as Meltdown, Spectre, and in recent weeks, Plundervolt. Researchers continue to discover open doors in chip architectures for malicious players to steal increasingly sensitive data,...

Taiwan Helps Cut Chip Manufacturing Costs with SEMI Standards

For many technologies, standards unshackle them from patents and enable their mass production – an idea close to the heart of Wendy Chen, associate vice president of the R&D Center at King Yuan Electronics Corp. and vice chair of the SEMI Taiwan Test Committee. More importantly, standards are...

Being "Idle" to Make Money - How Powering Down Pays Off

Large semiconductor fabs can devour electricity at clip of 100 megawatts per hour -- enough to power 50,000 homes1 and, according to a McKinsey study, more than automobile plants and oil refineries consume. So ravenous is their electricity consumption that some fabs have resorted to building their...