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Open Platforms are the Foundation for Advanced System Design

A critical foundation for success in this new multiphysics reality is the development of open, extensible and cloud-optimized platforms that enable many different tools and data sets to work together and build towards a realistic and accurate simulation of physical reality.

3D-IC: Great Opportunities, Great Challenges

Electronic designers demand greater integration densities and faster data transfer rates to meet the growing performance requirements of AI/ML, 5G/6G networks and autonomous vehicles as these technologies have outpaced the capabilities of any single chip.

IC Design Crashes Into the 3D Wall: Multiphysics Platforms Ride to the Rescue

Three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D-ICs) are revolutionizing the semiconductor industry. Manufactured by stacking and interconnecting dies so they perform as a single device, 3D-ICs deliver more capabilities by offering higher performance and bandwidth — while also reducing power consumption,...

For Moore’s Law to Live, SoCs Must Die

Throughout the current millennium, System-on-Chip (SoC) has been the gold standard for optimizing performance and cost of complete electronic systems. By incorporating practically all the phone’s digital plus analog capabilities onto a single, giant chip, the mobile phone processor serves as a...