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SEMI Talent Forum 2024 Connects Chip Industry With Students and Young Professionals

Industry leaders gathered at the SEMI Talent Forum 2024 to promote their companies and products to the next generation of industry talent, highlighting innovation, sustainability, diversity, and the omnipresence of semiconductors in our daily lives.

Driving Collaboration to Fuel Southeast Asia Electronics Industry Growth

At SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 next week at MITEC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, discussions on collaborations amongst Southeast Asia players will take precedence in the spirit of elevating the region’s position in the global value chain.

Celebrating Companies Observing SEMI Membership Milestones in Q1 2024

Connecting the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain to help drive innovation and industry growth would not be possible without the continued partnerships and achievements of SEMI members. SEMI thanks the following companies for celebrating these SEMI membership milestones.

The Evolving Global Landscape: Plotting the Future of Europe’s Semiconductor Industry at SEMI ISS Europe 2024

In the global environment for semiconductor businesses, uncertainty prevails, and the geopolitical scene is becoming more fractured. This outlook underlay the discussions at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium Europe (ISS Europe) 2024 hosted in Vienna (March 7-8, 2024).

SEMI University 1-Year Anniversary: More Learning Opportunities, Greater Reach

Today, as SEMI University (SEMI U) celebrates its one-year anniversary. Learners can now access over 575 courses in multiple languages and engage with an expanding learning community of over 3,300 learners in over 55 countries, with all courses developed or instructed by industry experts.

SEMICON Korea 2024 Takeaways: Keynotes, Semiconductor Market Forecast, Supplier Search and Talent

SEMICON Korea 2024, the region’s premier semiconductor exhibition, gathered innovative companies and visionaries that are helping shape the future of the chip industry. The exhibition and conferences at COEX in Seoul drew 435 exhibitors and more than 65,000 attendees.

Observing Black History Month and the Importance of Inclusion and Diversity in the Semiconductor Industry

Antoinette Hamilton, Global Head of Global Inclusion and Diversity and Sr, Director of Employee Engagement at Lam Research, reflects on the semiconductor industry's progress towards diversity, why inclusion is critical to everyone’s success and how companies and leadership can affect greater change.

Global Semiconductor Industry – Driving to $1 Trillion and Beyond Together

Over the course of my seven-year tenure as President and CEO of SEMI, we have worked to build the premier platform for global semiconductor industry collaboration to address its shared opportunities and challenges.

Invest in Pomerania Aims to Expand Europe's Semiconductor Manufacturing in Northern Poland

Invest in Pomerania initiatives, coordinated by the Pomeranian Development Agency, are key in representing the interests of Pomeranian Voivodeship, focusing on promoting the region’s technological prowess to the global semiconductor market.

Semiconductor Climate Consortium Releases Industry Guidelines for Scope 3 Reporting

The Semiconductor Climate Consortium has released its first alignment document with recommendations for calculating Scope 3 Category 1 (Purchased Goods and Services) – a substantial portion of Scope 3 emissions for most companies.