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Welcome to Newest SEMI Americas Members!

The more than 2,500 SEMI member companies worldwide advance the technology and business of electronics design and manufacturing. SEMI members are responsible for the innovations in materials, design, equipment, software, devices, and services that enable smarter, faster, more powerful, and more...

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Key to Strengthening Chip Industry Events

The chip industry loves its events. Many industry gatherings suffer from a particular challenge, one that confronts the microelectronics industry as a whole and undermines its ability to fully thrive: a lack of diversity.

SEMI Korea Workforce Development Updates: High-Impact Programs Connect Chip Supply Chain with Talent

SEMI Korea’s efforts to recruit talent and increase diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) to help meet the semiconductor industry’s current and future workforce needs are growing in importance as the industry presses ahead to recruit skilled workers.

SEMI Invites Participation in New Climate Consortium

SEMI formed the Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC), introduced at the Sustainability Summit at SEMICON West 2022 Hybrid in July. The group consists of more than 35 semiconductor industry companies that are collaborating to organize a net zero strategy to decarbonize in the industry.

Collaborating to Decarbonize the Semiconductor Manufacturing Value Chain – Insights from SEMICON West

Review the top 5 areas of collaboration discussed at the SEMICON West 2022 Sustainability Summit: gas abatement acceleration, renewable energy push, value chain emissions transparency, bold and visible commitments, and low-energy compute.

2022 Innovators of the Future Award Winners Reveal Possibilities of Flexible Electronics

The Innovators of the Future Awards are a highlight of the FLEX Conference and Exhibition, bringing out the best and the brightest in the flexible electronics industry. Review the winners for FLEX 2022.

SEMICON West 2022 Hybrid – Workforce Development Pavilion Highlights

The Workforce Development Pavilion (WFD) returned to SEMICON West 2022 Hybrid with three days of programming and activities to address workforce development challenges and share opportunities for job seekers, students, recent graduates, talent recruiters and human resources professionals.

Celebrating SEMI Members as They Reach New Milestones in Q2 2022

Connecting the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain to help drive innovation and industry growth would not be possible without the continued partnerships of SEMI members. SEMI extends a special thank you to the following companies for celebrating membership milestones in Q2 2022.

Podcast: SEMICON West 2022 Highlights – Sustainability, Talent and Perspectives From New SEMI Americas President

With sustainability and workforce development two big themes at SEMICON West 2022, Françoise von Trapp of 3D InCites spoke with Ajit Manocha, SEMI President and CEO; Shari Liss, Executive Director of the SEMI Foundation; and Mousumi Bhat, Vice President of SEMI Sustainability Programs. Listen in.

Insights from Industry Strategy Symposium Europe 2022

ISS Europe 2022 featured a new program and event format with industry insights and strategic topics condensed into one day of programming on 3 critical challenges facing the microelectronics industry: the energy crisis and sustainability, supply chain disruptions, and the talent pipeline shortage.