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European Suppliers Dominate Vacuum Subsystems Market

Vacuum pumps, pressure gauges, and vacuum valves combined make up the biggest expense on the bill of materials for semiconductor OEMs. The semiconductor industry consumed almost $2.7 billion worth of vacuum subsystems in 2020, with over 60% supplied by vendors based in Europe.

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 Themed Think Smart, Make Smart, SEMICON SEA 2021 will gather industry experts to highlight the latest developments, innovations and trends in segments of electronics including smart manufacturing, smart mobility, smart data, AI and 5G as technology continues to reshape the way people work and...

An Imminent Recovery … or a Deep Recession

The current world news is awash with stories about this current economic downturn including speculations about its probable depth and duration. Questions loom regarding what it will take to restart the world economies and how to accomplish this restart effectively.

Global Fab Equipment Spending Poised to Set Record in 2021

Global fab equipment spending promises to crawl out of a gloomy 2019 and see a modest recovery this year before a sharp uptick drives record investments in 2021 in a vivid display of the decades-old cyclicality playing out in the semiconductor industry.

Fab Equipment Spending Crawls Out of Slump in Second Half 2019 – But Roller Coast to Continue in 2020

Compared to the first half of 2019, the second half smacks of a recovery, with fab equipment spending revised upward to show a stronger 2019 overall in the latest update of the World Fab Forecast report, published by SEMI.

Subdued Seasonal Upturn . . . But Better Times Ahead

What will the New Year bring? Purchasing Managers Indices (PMIs) are a good leading indicator of present and near-term manufacturing activity by country.

Muted Seasonal Recovery

The global electronics industry normally experiences a seasonal upturn from mid-summer through the December holidays. However, this autumn’s upturn is less robust.

Nearly $50 Billion in Fabs to Start Construction in 2020

After a downturn in 2019, investments in new fab projects starting construction is expect to jump US$12 billion to nearly US$50 billion in 2020, with China accounting for the bulk of the investments, according to the latest update of the World Fab Forecast from SEMI.

Critical Subsystems: Mapping Out Risks Posed by Growing Trade War

The recent anti-globalization political rhetoric raises a number of challenges for the semiconductor supply chain. Throughout the ongoing US-China trade war, and now the dispute between South Korea and Japan, most attention has focused on the consequences for players at the top of the supply chain.

Renaissance in the Photomask Market?

The photomask market has seen exceptional growth of 13% and 8% in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The upsurge is striking given that, in the early to mid-2000s, the photomask market averaged less than 4 percent annual growth. And the gap between the past two years and the previous ten is remarkable.