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Our Global Impact on Semiconductor Supply Chains

SEMI is the leading microelectronics industry association with programs that help members grow their business and address top challenges worldwide.

Empowering the Chip Industry

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Empowering the Chip Industry

  • KLA - SEMI’s work to advocate for the industry on policy matters is needed now more than ever.

  • Intel - The SEMI Supply Chain Management Initiative serves as a critical platform to achieve industry growth collectively and collaboratively.

  • GlobalFoundries - GF is proud to be a founding member of SEMI's Semiconductor Climate Consortium and collaborate across the supply chain to enhance the sustainability of our industry.

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SEMI Membership

Member companies saved $15 million total in 2022 on SEMI products and services.
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Connect with members worldwide and enjoy discounts and privileges for events, communities, market data and standards.

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About SEMI Members

Explore member companies across our 7 regions driving microelectronics innovations in materials, design, equipment, software, devices, services and more.

 SEMI Membership Member companies saved $15 million total in 2022 on SEMI products and services.


SEMI manufacturing standards and industry market reports support collaboration between partners and competitors, facilitate strategic business decisions, and accelerate product development…


Collaborate with your peers to identify technology gaps, accelerate collective solutions and tap into high-growth market segments.