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Podcast: Electronic System Design Market Update from ESD Alliance

Paul Cohen and Bob Smith of the Electronic System Design Alliance and SEMI senior director of product marketing David Ghodsizadeh joined Francoise von Trapp of 3D InCites for a podcast to discuss key takeaways from the Q4 2022 EDMD report.

Podcast: Tracking the Chip Manufacturing Market at SEMI ISS 2023

To help member companies set their course for 2023, SEMI recently shared insights from its Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) and Semiconductor Manufacturing Monitor report during a podcast with 3D InCites.

Podcast: Tracking Historic Fab Investments with SEMI Market Intelligence Team and 3D InCites

The SEMI Market Intelligence Team (MIT) recently shared insights on the record-breaking wafer fab investments tracked in the latest SEMI World Fab Forecast report during a podcast with 3D InCites.

Podcast: Q1 2022 EDMD Report Highlights With Dr. Walden Rhines

Dr. Walden Rhines, former CEO of Mentor Graphics (now Siemens EDA), and current CEO of Cornami, recently joined Dan Nenni of for a podcast to discuss the latest Electronic Design Market Data (EDMD) report.

SEMI Champions ESG in Taiwan’s Chipmaking Industry

As the climate crisis continues to impact people and communities across the globe, governments, civil society, and private industry are coming together to begin counteracting the worst effects of this phenomenon.

Podcast Debut: SEMI Market Intelligence Team Discusses Semiconductor Equipment Outlook with 3D InCites

SEMI Market Intelligence Team (MIT) recently recorded the first podcast in a new series with 3D InCites that will provide semiconductor manufacturing updates across the wafer fab; equipment; materials; and assembly, packaging and test markets to help semiconductor companies with business decisions.

ISS 2022: Semiconductor Industry Market Outlook and Prospects for Reaching $1 Trillion by 2030

Speaking to nearly 300 executives gathered at the Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) 2022 in early April, Inna Skvortsova, Market Analyst on the Market Intelligence Team at SEMI, presented upbeat industry forecasts for 2022 and beyond.

Chipping in for Equipment Suppliers: The Equipment Multiplier Effect on the Chip Shortage

Policymakers are increasing semiconductor manufacturing capacity to strengthen supply chains and meet growing demand for semiconductors through robust incentive packages totaling hundreds of billions of dollars. This global effort hinges on semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME).

Semiconductor Equipment – When the Industry Decides to Shift Gears

One of the surprising side effects that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the acceleration of the digital transformation of global economies, which has driven a structural shift and propelled the already mature semiconductor industry to record highs.

Chillers: A Cooling Product But Temperatures Still Rising

Over the past 5 years, suppliers of chillers have shined as standout performers. These cooling systems get little attention, yet revenues have more than doubled, clocking a compound annual growth rate of 22% to reach $635 million in 2021, way above industry average growth of 13.3%.