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Adding More Data Isn't the Only Way to Improve AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform society and business in the 21st century. AI has already been deployed to in smart homes, online shopping, natural language processing to make life easier and more efficient for consumers. Still, in business applications, data-driven AI...

SEMI Smart Manufacturing Initiative Works to Help Chip Industry Achieve Industry 4.0 Ambitions

The global semiconductor industry is poised to become a $1 trillion industry by 2030. Semiconductor sales and capital spending are expected to grow substantially in the coming decade with many new wafer fabs (and upgrades) coming online in the next few years. According to the most recent SEMI World...

Needham & Company Senior Analyst Charles Shi on EDA Powering Through Semiconductor Industry Cycles

Charles Shi, Principal, Senior Analyst, Needham & Company, LLC., recently offered an upbeat assessment of the electronic design automation (EDA), silicon intellectual property (IP) and services industries, or what SEMI refers to as the electronic system design (ESD) ecosystem.

S2C Paves Way to Digital Innovation with Cutting-Edge Chip Design Verification Solutions

Founded in 2004, S2C’s worldwide customer base uses its desktop and enterprise field programmable gate array (FPGA) prototyping tools to verify system on chip (SoC) and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designs will work as intended.

High-Voltage Power Technologies Drive Next-Generation Semiconductor Processes

The global chip shortages together with the growing trends of electrification and digitalization have heightened awareness of the world’s reliance on semiconductors. Global management consultancy McKinsey & Company predicts a decade of growth leading to a $1 trillion semiconductor industry by 2030.

Strategies for Retaining Women in the Workforce: New Superbloom Fellows Program for Mid-Career Women

More than 2 years after the start of the pandemic, the US unemployment rate has dropped dramatically to 3.5% in July 2022, the lowest since February 2020. However, the participation rate has not recovered in one important segment of the workforce: women – particularly women in professional careers.

Semiconductor Sustainability: Edwards Vacuum Strategic Insights

SEMI spoke with Kate Wilson, president of the semiconductor division at Edwards Vacuum, about how her personal dedication to sustainability and Edwards Vacuum’s commitment to green practices such as contributing to the semiconductor manufacturing industry’s reduction of carbon emissions.

ESD Alliance Combats Piracy

ESD Alliance’s License Management and Anti-Piracy (LMA) Committee has worked with member companies Cadence, Siemens EDA and Synopsys to develop a protocol for use with software license management systems to provide strong protection against piracy by defining how servers can be uniquely identified.

Deeper Collaboration Key to Continuing Semiconductor Innovation, Zero Defects for Automotive Industry

Antoine Amade, VP of sales for the Microcontamination Control division at Entegris, discusses innovation opportunities for semiconductor technologies entering the automotive domain, views on design and process engineering, and collaboration between the semiconductor and automotive industries.

Excellicon – Managing Critical Timing Constraints Across Design and Verification to Reduce Timing and Signal Integrity Issues

Rick Eram, Excellicon’s VP of sales and operations, discusses ways for designers to compare the physical floorplan against the actual register transfer level (RTL) code and constraints, chip design trends and complexity, and a few of his predictions for the design and verification market.