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Sparking Climate Action: Industry Leaders Gather for SEMI Earth Month Lightning Talks

The Earth Month webinar drew 196 attendees to listen to speakers from seven CESI member companies deliver Lightning Talks. During the brief, dynamic presentations, speakers shared insights on the power of bottom-up initiatives, sparking meaningful discussions and inspiring action.

Connecting the Microelectronics Industry with Exceptional Talent – Insights From Swansea University

SEMI spoke with Prof. Owen J. Guy, Head of Chemistry and Education Lead at the Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials at Swansea University, about the challenge of onboarding talent within the microelectronics industry and the importance of the SEMI Talent Forum ahead of the May 30 event.

Supporting Women in the Chip Industry – Insights From WiS Leadership

Women in Semiconductors (WiS) was initiated in 2016 to address the unique challenges faced by women in the industry and discuss how women can be supported better in their desire to move into leadership positions. The annual program is now managed by the SEMI Foundation.

Semiconductor Day Returns to Ohio State University to Promote Industry, Careers to Students

More than 400 students from disciplines including electrical and computer engineering, materials science and physics, and as diverse as business and psychology, attended Semiconductor Day.

Improving Chip Design and Verification Efficiency with IC Manage

ESD Alliance member company IC Manage enables global teams to efficiently collaborate during design and verification of systems and chips. IC Manage provides design data and IP management, data analytics, hybrid cloud bursting and high-performance computing software to systems and chip companies.

SEMI Startups for Sustainable Semiconductors Announces 2024 Semifinalists

Seeking to spur more green technology innovation for our industry, SEMI Startups for Sustainable Semiconductors launched the third year of the program by inviting startups, academics, and innovators with compelling ideas for advancing semiconductor industry sustainability to apply to participate.

Podcast: A Balancing Act – Semiconductor Supply Chain Resiliency Strategy and Cashflow

This episode of Resilinc’s Rethinking Resilience supply chain podcast features industry insights from Bettina Weiss, Vice President of Business Development and Product Management at SEMI, George Thompson, Director of the Semiconductor Supply Chain Practice at Genpact.

Vast Universe of Transistors, Worm-bot Innovation, Glass-Based Processor Enhancement, and Atomically Efficient Chips

What’s a sextillion? It’s the number one followed by 21 zeros — outnumbering the stars in the Milky Way. Industry analyst Jim Handy estimates that 13 sextillion transistors have been manufactured by the chip industry since the first one sprang to life in late 1947. 

Semiconductor Climate Consortium – Working Group Progress and Carbon Disclosure Project Update

Semiconductor Climate Consortium working groups provided updates on their work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the global chip value chain at the first SCC general meeting of 2024. In addition, Alaina Passavant of the Carbon Disclosure Project presented on emission reporting trends.

Focusing on Team and Culture With John Lee of Ansys

Cultivating trust and keeping his team agile and innovative as they engage with technology partners and customers is a core focus of John Lee, General Manager and Vice President of the Ansys Electronics, Semiconductors, and Optics Business Unit.