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Chips in Cars, China's Semiconductor Surge, Mussel-Inspired Solution for Rare Earth Elements, From Earth to Moon and Everest in Pennies

How many chips are in a modern car? According to industry estimates, the average modern car sports between 1,400 and 1,500 semiconductor chips. Some cars boast as many as 3,000 chips. Staggering!

Growing Into a Management Role: Perspectives From Real Intent CEO Prakash Narain

Prakash Narain, CEO of Real Intent, describes how his thirst to build a company led to the founding of Real Intent 25 years ago. He also offers advice on how to move into management or entrepreneurism and we conclude our talk with his opinion of recent industry trends.

Building a Sustainable Value Chain – Samsung’s Path to Net Zero

Hosong Hwang, Head of the Environment Team at Samsung Electronics, provides an overview of Samsung’s new environmental strategy and delves into the sustainability journey of a globally renowned electronics company.

Join the New SEMI PFAS Initiative

The SEMI PFAS Initiative will accelerate industry efforts to reduce PFAS dependency, mitigate PFAS-related semiconductor supply chain disruption, and encourage environmentally responsible risk management in cases where there are no alternatives to PFAS.

New SEMI Cybersecurity Consortium Sets Out to Strengthen Semiconductor Manufacturing Supply Chain Network Protections

The SEMI Cybersecurity consortium, launched at SEMICON West in July, has established key priorities in its mission to develop and promote a standards-based, industry-wide approach to improve cybersecurity and accelerate implementation of actionable solutions.

Adopting Atomic Layer Deposition – Insights from Beneq, imec and Yole Intelligence

Electronics industry experts and researchers will offer insights into ALD trends and adoption at Beneq ALD TechDay at SEMICON Europa 2023, Nov. 14-17 in Munich, Germany.

Imec ITF towards NETZERO: Uniting for a Greener Semiconductor Industry

SEMI spoke with imec Lars-Ake Ragnarsson, Program Director Sustainable Technologies and Systems (SSTS), about the semiconductor industry challenges to reduce environmental impact and how industry leaders can collaborate to get to the net zero.

Ubiquitous Sensing for a Sustainable World

The MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit in September in Grenoble, France made clear that the technologies are playing a growing role in powering the global semiconductor industry’s projected expansion to the landmark $1 trillion in revenue by 2023.

Chip Industry Fun Facts: Super Clean(room), Microchip Sprint, Computing Power Moonshot and Microscopic Scale!

Did you know that a semiconductor manufacturing cleanroom is 10,000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room? Why? One speck of dust could ruin a microprocessor during production.